Time to Get Heavy!

In a seedy railway arch in Central London, Robert 'The Rock' Crocker takes on Mike 'The Beast' Ukandu in a BWCBF Heavyweight fight. It is The Rock's first ever fight. The Beast has fought 7 times, is ex-BWCBF Heavyweight Champion, and has a record of 6-1-0.

Click on the images for larger versions.  No flash photography means grainy and blurred photos I'm afraid, but I think they capture the spirit of the event nicely!


"OK guys, I want a good clean fight, no headbutting, no rabbit punches, no low blows"


The Rock gets stuck in with a ferocious work rate for the first two rounds.


Into the final round, the only proper fight this night that went the distance.


It's a tense wait.  The first two rounds were about even, maybe The Rock was slightly ahead, but Ukandu won the last as he paced himself better.


The decision goes to The Beast.   Boo.


Still puffing and hurting 5 minutes later...


...but at least that pretty face(!) didn't get cut or bruised...


...and that beer sure tastes good!


The crowd of 120 people relax in the alley outside and the beer flows freely.